Save the date

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all having a lovely summer break and enjoying the (mostly) glorious weather. We wanted to give you a quick heads-up of an open day we’d love to welcome you along too.

On Sunday the 15th September from 3-7pm we are opening our doors to all past, present and future young people, parents, leaders, assistants and exec members. Over the years 1st MSN Scout Group has been the home to thousands of young people and we have photographs, videos and newsletters from over the years we’d love to share with you all. Lots of hilarious gang show pictures, summer camp pictures and videos (the haircuts are worth a trip down memory lane alone!) and some familiar faces (some of our current leaders attended as cubs!), as well as current pictures and videos up to the present day.

There will be tea, coffee and plenty of cake, with a short AGM at 5pm.

Love to see you there

Jon Stell

Group Scout Leader

1st MSN Scouts

Wellow Hut

Overnight on the 15th November 2018 our hut in the woods was destroyed.

We have been using this site for many many years, there was a wooden hut here before and chances are if you are local that you used this as a child or know someone who did.

We have just spent the last 5 years rebuilding it as a group of volunteers, fundraising and spending our weekends and evenings so that the 150 young people of 1st Midsomer Norton Scout Group and the children of the wider district of Wansdyke can use it.

It looks like none of the kit was stolen so this was pure mindless vandalism.

We would like to raise funds to restore it to it’s former glory and get the young people back on site as quickly as possible. 

We are a group that likes to be outdoors and wants to firstly make it safe and secondly rebuild as quickly as possible.
The children spend hours here every week and it’s hugely upsetting that people would do this to such a great resource. We prepare young people with skills for life, help us to do that by giving what you can to get our hut back up and running as soon as possible.

If you are a local tradesperson who could help and/or resources or if you are press and would like to help us get the word out please email

Massive thank you in advance.

Becky Mears
Assistant Group Scout Leader
1st Midsomer Norton Scouts

Scouts will continue as normal at our HQ on Radstock Road. The police have been informed as have our insurance company. If you have any details to pass over to the police regarding this, please call 101.